Terms & Conditions

The legal terms and conditions within the mariagalerias.com site cover numerous aspects. The associated documents are for sharing information, regulating behaviours, norms and processes such as use of the website, terms of purchase and sale, acceptable behaviour, personal privacy and so on. The various documents are used in conjunction with one another and listed out below for your ease of access and clarity of structure:

Terms & Conditions General header page and index linking to major policy and terms documents:
Terms of UseUsage of the site
Terms of SaleTerms for the sale and purchase of goods
Privacy PolicyLooking after your privacy and data, in line with GDPR
Cookie PolicyIT code which is used to collect information and improve the site and services to you
Acceptable Usage PolicyGood behaviour and no unfriendly materials please
Checkout PageThis is where you complete a purchasing transaction, click acceptance of the Terms of Sale as well as submit a number of personal details which are subject to the Privacy Policy. Your identity verification for banking transactions is achieved with Stripe.
Stripe ID and Identity verification FAQmariagalerias.com works with Stripe to conduct identity verification online. Stripe builds technology that is used by millions of companies around the world such as Amazon, Google, and Zoom