Roman Dupondius. 40BC.Cabellio mint


Roman Dupondius. 40BC.Cabellio mint
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A poem about this coin’s beauty:
“An ancient mint, Rome's enemy, Cabellio-made Dupondius;Legend PT a mystery.”

In Latin:
“Antiquum nemus, Roma adversum, Cabellionis fecit Dupondium; PT legenda mysterium.“

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Ruler: Roman republic Period: to
  • Denomination:
  • Grade: F
  • Exergue/Mint:
  • Material: silver
  • Weight (g):
  • Diameter (mm): 8
  • Obverse: Stylised portrait facing right. Crowned, with hair and beard
  • Reverse: curved central bar with two glyphs either side, possibly PT??
  • The dupondius was a large, brass Roman coin used during the Roman Republic and early Roman Empire. It weighed a little over 12.5 grams and was worth two asses, or little less than a sestertius. However it was often similar in size to the As and made distinguishable by way of the metal colour or imagery - The dupondius was usually issued with a radiate crown, indicating that it was worth double (ie two As).

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