Merovingian uncertain denarius


Merovingian uncertain denarius
See below for coin details, description and metrics.

A poem about this coin’s beauty:
“In each quarter, a dotMerovingian denarius Uncertain value ”

In Latin:
“Punctum in quattuorDenarius Merovinigii Incerta pecunia“

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Ruler: Merovingian uncertain Period: to
  • Denomination:
  • Grade:
  • Exergue/Mint:
  • Material: silver
  • Weight (g):
  • Diameter (mm): 10
  • Obverse: Letters AB joined with cross above. Pelleted border showing lhs.
  • Reverse: Cross with a pellet in each quarter
  • The Merovingian dynasty was a Frankish royal house that ruled the Franks for over 300 years, from the middle of the 5th century under the rule of Clovis I until the end of the 8th century when it was superseded by the Carolingian dynasty. It extended across large regions of central and northern Europe also including France, Netherlands and Germany. The Merovingian kings were a major source of coinage in Europe during this time period such as the gold Tremissis. Imagery often included a relatively crude portrait on the obverse and the Christian cross on reverse.
  • The first silver coins were minted in Lydia in Asia Minor around 600 BCE though its use for coinage at scale can really be attributed to the Greeks, with silver Obols and Drachms. Roman silver coinage included the Denarius in the 3rd century BC which came to be the backbone of Roman Republican and early Empire monetary system. This was replaced in the 3rd century AD by the double denarius which is generally referred to as an Antoninianus, denoted by the emperor's image with a radiate crown. A later Roman silver coin of the 4th century AD was the Siliqua. Silver has been used for coinage throughout history because it is durable, malleable, and has a relatively low melting point. It is also abundant enough to create coins but rare enough so that not everyone can produce them. Silver is also valuable enough so that it can easily be exchanged for goods and services.

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