Byzantine Pentanummium (5 nummi)


Byzantine uncertain Pentanummium (5 nummi)
See below for coin details, description and metrics.

A poem about this coin’s beauty:
“In the coin's design, Chi-Rho and Greek E combine, Byzantine divine.”

In Latin:
“Nummus pentaeusChristi signum in aereDivina moneta.“

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Ruler: Byzantine Period: to
  • Denomination:
  • Grade: Poor
  • Exergue/Mint:
  • Material:
  • Weight (g):
  • Diameter (mm): 12
  • Obverse: highly worn, possibly a bust facing right?
  • Reverse: Chi-Rho symbol with greek E in the right hand quadrant.
  • Pentanummium means 5 Nummi in the coinage of the ancient Byzantine Empire particularly during the 5th to 7th centuries. It was denoted by the Greek letter "E". The Pentanummium was first introduced in 513AD.

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